the DA VINCIs – Grade 7-12


Tuesdays 5.45 – 7.30

10 week Term (14th July to 15th September)

Wednesdays 5.45 – 7.30

10 week Term (15th July to 16th September)

Thursdays 5.45 – 7.30

10 week Term (16th July to 17th September)

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This 1 hr 45 minute class is designed to explore art concepts in more detail.  For the majority of each term, students continue to explore a variety of techniques, applications and styles. Projects are developed in more detail to allow deeper investigation of a particular medium or style.

A large focus in this class is to prepare and produce a major work or (series) of art.  This allows the student to develop independence by working on their own project and the freedom to explore a subject they enjoy.  We anticipate that these major works will appear at the end of year student exhibition.

The class is capped at 8 to ensure each student receives appropriate direction and attention.

“My Daughter has been attending this studio for 15mths now & the change I have seen in her is outstanding. Her art work is phenomenal. The confidence she has in herself is amazing. The teachers push students to work outside their comfort zone & the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend this school not only to learn but to build on their better selves & bring out something they don’t even know they have in them!”

  • – Jolene

Da Vinci Class Fees

Option 1-Pay As You Go

$33.00 (inc GST) per week including ALL SUPPLIES.

Please note NDIS funded clients are not charged GST

Tammy’s Art Studio provides coloured paper, paint, watercolours, charcoal, paper mache, clay, tools and equipment and so much more. No registration fees and no uniforms to buy!

Option 2-Pay by the Term

Pay up front at the start of the term and pay only $30.00 (inc GST) per class.

So a ten week term is only $300.00 (+ GST).

Please note NDIS funded clients are not charged GST.

What do I need to do to join up?

Drop us a line below to see if we have availability in the class and if a spot is available, we will schedule a free trial with you.

Lastly enjoy watching your child grow in confidence and create amazing pieces of art without the mess or cleaning up!

 Make-Up Classes

We offer 1 make-up session a term.  So if your child is sick or unable to attend a class for any reason you can attend 2 classes in any other week in their appropriate age group.  It is the parent’s responsibility to book their make-up class with the teacher so the necessary preparations can be made for your child to catch up on the lesson they missed.

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