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As a result of Covid 19 we have developed a series of online art lessons (drawing fundamentals and mixed media) to help keep our children creating during this time.   The lesson will be comprised of students viewing a demonstration video (between 5 and 15 minutes in length) on our youtube channel then logging into a free meeting app called zoom for a further 60 – 75 minute interactive tutorial (depending on which course is taken).  If you miss logging into your meeting time, the demo will still be available on our youtube channel and you can just jump into another session that week!

Classes are appropriate for all primary and lower high school aged children. We will not be splitting the sessions for different age-groups.  Our current curriculum is used for all students from Prep to Grade 7-8 with the only difference being the level of work achieved by the upper primary students is higher. They are also encouraged to add more detail and to refine their art pieces with the skills they have achieved. In face to face classes the social aspect is quite important so we group children into age-groups for this reason.  It is a lot easier in the current climate if children in a family can all join into one session and take advantage of the family discounts too!

Children will require an ipad, laptop, phone or PC with internet access for the lessons.  Each week the youtube links, the Zoom meeting link and also what materials are required will be emailed prior to each class. At this stage I will not be providing art packs to purchase as supply could become difficult to source down the track.  I also want families to be able to work within their budget and with what they can source locally.  If you are finding something impossible to find, email me and I will see if I can find it for you.  A lot of cheap shops such as Variety 1 have all the art supplies you will need.

As we do not know how long this situation will last we are not offering up front term payments for the online classes.  We would prefer week by week memberships or casual one-off purchases so that people can suspend, or  end their participation at any time.  This will also give us the freedom to move back into face to face classes as soon as we are able :) if the online classes are a success we will continue to offer a few sessions a week for remote students once face to face classes resume!

We have reduced the prices of our online classes substantially (40% off our usual class prices) so that it can be accessed by as many children as possible.

Drawing Fundamentals Online Course

These classes will use only the basic drawing materials which most children will already have at home.

Materials required are:-

  • Lead pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Plenty of A4 paper (photocopy paper will be fine) and some
  • Colouring in materials such as pencils, pens or oil pastels.

The class duration is approx. 1 hr and 15 mins long (consisting of an online demo and 1hr meeting via Zoom). This course is ideal for our younger students (Prep to Grade 4) or any beginner who has not received art lessons before.  We cover art elements such as line, shape, colour/colour value, texture and space, incorporating artists such as M.C Escher & Joan Miro.  The drawing fundamentals course includes teaching art principles including contrast, repetition & pattern, emphasis and balance.

This course is fun and engaging and equips children with the skills to “Draw what they see, not what they know”. The skills taught in the drawing fundamentals course are essential to enable children to succeed in other areas of art such as painting, printmaking, modeling and more.

Mixed Media Online Class

This class is ideal for our currently enrolled students as we will be delivering a very similar style curriculum to what they are used to in our face to face classes.  With the exception of printmaking (as I have the printing press) and clay (an expensive medium to work with) the class will be essentially the same! In Term 2 we will be exploring steampunk insects, watercolour jellyfish,  paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, and pen drawings by Australian artist C.J. Hendry and so much more!

Materials required are:-

  • Lead pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Plenty of A4 paper (photocopy paper will be fine) and some
  • Colouring in materials such as pencils, pens or oil pastels.
  • A Watercolour palette or discs (at least 12 colours)
  • A4 Watercolour pad (2 sheets per student is sufficient for Term 2)
  • Basic acrylic paint colours (primaries blue, red and yellow + black and white)
  • a few assorted sized paintbrushes (detailer, medium and larger flat brush)
  • something to paint on such as 2 small canvases e.g 30cm x 30cm or 20 x 30 cm, (stretched canvas or canvas panels are fine).  If canvases are difficult to source heavy cardboard will be ok to use.


The class duration will be approx 1 hr and 30 mins long (consisting of an online demo video followed by approx 1 hr and 15 mins of interactive meeting via Zoom).

Prices for online classes

Weekly Membership 

1 student $15.00 per online lesson + GST = $16.50

2 siblings (using one device) $25.00 + GST = $27.50

3 siblings (using a max of 2 devices) $35.00 + GST = $38.50

Sign up for our weekly payment membership and join the class on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis.

Your first class will be deducted from your card when you sign up. For the remaining classes, the system will automatically deduct the weekly class fee from your nominated card on the day of your class each week. Once you have set up the membership nothing further is required and the payment will be cancelled after the final class of the term unless requested prior.

Casual Ticket

If you wish to purchase a one-off class please find the prices below.

1 student $18.00 per online lesson + GST = $19.80

2 siblings (using one device) $28.00 + GST = $30.80

3 siblings (using a max of 2 devices) $38.00 + GST = $41.80


Term 2 Schedule

More sessions will be added as each class fills up!


Monday weekly drawing class at 4.00 pm – Commencing 20th April

Friday weekly drawing class at 12.30pm – Commencing 24th April



Tuesday weekly mixed media class at 4.00 pm – Commencing 21st April

Wednesday weekly mixed media class at 4.00 pm – Commencing 22nd April

Thursdays weekly mixed media class at 12.30 pm – Commencing 23rd April

Thursdays weekly mixed media class at 4.00 pm – Commencing 23rd April



Starting Term 2



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