CONTACT ME…. I will always try to accommodate your children whenever possible.  Students vary in ability and maturity but if I have space in a class and it is practical then I am sure we can work something out!

CONTACT ME….. Please register your preference for an alternative day and if enough interest is received then I will run another class if I am available.

CONTACT ME….  Come along for a one-off class trial.  Just book it in with me pay the usual class fee and then junior can decide whether to continue or not?

CONTACT ME….Please try to let me know, just a text message will be fine as I prepare for each child’s materials and art space for each and every lesson.

I also offer Make-up Classes

I offer 2 make-up sessions a term.  So if your child is sick or unable to attend a class for any reason you can attend 2 classes in any other week.  It is the parent’s responsibility to book their make-up class with me so the necessary preparations can be made for your child to catch up on the lesson they missed.

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