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Art Therapy for kids and teens in Shailer Park

Expressive Art Therapy for Kids and Teens
Logan, Redlands, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to help your child flourish?

Do you want support them to build their confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and communication skills? I can help.

As qualified art therapist, teacher and artist, I offer expressive art therapy as a safe and stress-free way for kids and teens to explore their emotions through creative play, exploration and mindfulness.

Book an introductory session in my Shailer Park Art Studio today.

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 Tammy Quire of Tammy’s Art Studio

Tammy Quire of Tammy’s Art Studio

“Thank you for your assistance with my Aboriginal great-nephew Charlie, who really benefited from the art therapy lessons. He was able to develop his art skills but was also able to improve his ability to plan, be more patient and accept that nothing in life is perfect. It gave him a feeling of being in control and improved his self-esteem.” 
Anne G, Relative

Who is Tammy’s Art Therapy for?

I support with kids and teens with ASD, ADHD, OCD, sensory aversions, anxiety, depression and more.  My studio is a safe environment, and sessions are personalised for each child and their family.  I also work with families with self-managed or plan managed NDIS plans.

As an art teacher, I’ve taught hundreds of kids over the last six years, and as a qualified art therapist, I’ve also received specialist training in working with autism, as well as identifying and adapting to children with challenging behaviours.

My aim is to form a positive rapport with them based on trust, so they’ll feel accepted and encouraged to support their learning, personal growth, and healing through art therapy.

Tammy's art therapy for children
Tammy's art therapy for teens

What can Art Therapy help with?

With a focus on mindfulness and experimentation, expressive art therapy activities can help you:

✓     Build self-esteem, self-awareness and autonomy

✓     Build confidence and communication skills

✓     Develop planning and problem-solving skills, and resilience

✓     Relieve stress through mindful creativity

✓     Develop skills to manage anxiety and anger

✓     Deal with grief, loss and post-traumatic stress

✓     Develop coping strategies for illness diagnosis and chronic pain

✓     Cope with depression and other disturbing emotions

✓     Resolve conflict and cope with family or relationship issues

✓     Manage addiction and substance abuse

✓     Maintain a sense of identity and address issues around body image

✓     Increase memory, cognitive abilities and more

Testimonial by Kelly

Professional and Playful Approach

There’s no ‘one’ approach to teaching art or using art as a therapeutic tool. My teaching style is unique, individually tailored and delivered in a patient, calm, encouraging environment. And I’m 100% committed to helping your child thrive while exploring their creative sides.

I believe every child is an artist – but you don’t need to be good at art to benefit from art therapy. My focus is on engaging students in the process of experimentation and creativity, rather than the final product.

This allows them to open up and use their imagination and explore in their own way. And by taking away the pressure of perfection, we help kids build resilience and problem-solving skills. But most importantly, it allows them have fun!

Creative and expressive art therapy Logan
Creative and expressive art therapy for children in Logan

Affordable Art Therapy

Designed to complement professional counselling and psychology, these creative art therapy sessions incorporate fun, engaging activities including:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Clay and sand
  • Collage
  • Mask making
  • Sculpture

How do I book?

I recommend you book an introductory session, to see if we’re a good fit. From there I’ll create a personalised, short-term plan to help your child explore any areas of stress, anxiety and/or trauma.

Standard duration: 1 hour session (Longer sessions with teens can be negotiated based on needs at time of booking)

Private art therapy session for children and teens: $80.00+ GST / hour
*NDIS clients won’t be charged GST

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About Tammy

Tammy Quire, Art Therapist, Shailer Park

As someone who has experienced trauma as a child, art has been at the centre of my healing journey. It’s given me greater self-awareness, helped me build confidence and resilience and enabled me to find gratitude and joy again. I’m living proof that it works.

In fact, this expressive approach has formed the foundation of my art school for many years, and I know how powerful making art can be as a way of communicating our personal stories. It is a very vulnerable, honest and raw form of expression.

It’s not something I take lightly. Understanding the needs of a child and how they best create art to see those benefits takes a massive amount of experience with children from multiple backgrounds, needs and learning styles. It’s something I understand deeply, after having taught hundreds of students over more than 6 years.

I’m committed not only to the artistic development of a child but for them to feel acceptance, with room for mistakes, learning and personal growth.

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  • Therapeutic Arts Diploma, Renaissance Training Academy, UK
  • Diploma in Arts Therapy and Part-time Tutor, Health & Harmony Colleges
  • Graduated Sand Play Therapy Workshop Intensive, Gestalt Art Therapy Brisbane
  • Specialist teaching training for children with ASD, Education Queensland

Graduate of Hearth & Harmony Colleges

Art Therapy for children Tammy's Art Studio Shailer Park

Tammy's art therapy for teens self esteem

“Tammy’s ability to pick up on those cues and redirect and problem solve have been exactly what we’ve needed.”

“We’ve been working with Tammy for 3 years. My son struggles with anxiety, has sensory issues as part of his ASD and deals with pain and other complications from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. He works well with Tammy and her approach is different to other art studios. One of our goals for him was to build confidence so that he might cope in a group class and through the one on one sessions with Tammy he was able to achieve this. Tammy always accommodates his needs in sessions and classes. Her ability to pick up on those cues and redirect and problem solve have been exactly what we’ve needed. My son now has a love of Art rather than a fear of it, and it’s been the best therapy for him.”

Kelly, mother

Tammy's Art Studio, art therapy for teens self esteem

“Tammy is the perfect teacher my son finds her comfortable and easy going.”

“We attend private weekly art therapy lessons with Tammy for nearly a year now and she is a wonderful teacher to our son who has autism, adhd and stress plus anxiety issues so we needed the one on one lessons.

He enjoys doing art With Tammy who has shown him all different mediums and types of canvas and papers to work on. He comes away with lots of ideas and happy from his classes, she is the perfect teacher he finds her comfortable and easy going and follows her lead with paint, pens, clay and there is always take home Items to show off as well . We would highly recommend her lessons to any parents for there kids and any age group, her studio is easy to get to and she always has a variety of things ready to do in your lessons.”

Pavlou Family


All art making materials are provided. I also provide an apron to protect your child’s clothes, and soap and sink to wash hands when we’re finished. The art studio has air-conditioning and heating for absolute comfort all year round.

No they don’t. Expressive Art Therapy focuses on the process, not the end result and the important thing is to give it a go, learn, experiment and enjoy yourself.

Yes, of course. I’ll happily send it direct if you provide their email address.

Of course! We even have a parent retreat area (separate to the therapy space) on our lovely deck overlooking the garden. Your car can be parked on-site in our quiet residential street. We’re also just two-minutes from the Logan Hyperdome or the Loganholme Library, where you can buy a good coffee and sit in quiet until the session is finished.

My studio is located in a quiet residential area of Shailer Park, just a few streets from Kimberly Park State School and just one kilometre from the Logan Hyperdome. We provide art therapy to families from all over Logan, Redland Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

Art Therapy for teens in Shailer Park
Art Therapy for children in Shailer Park

Build your child’s confidence with creativity

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