Art Therapy and Private Tuition

Art Therapy is something we are very passionate about!  We love it so much that we have designed our classes around some of the fundamental approaches and also offer private classes specialising in art therapy.

I (Tammy) have experienced art as therapy myself and see it on an almost daily basis in my studio. There is now a truckload of research that supports the fact that engaging in the arts (including music, dance etc.) can assist healing, recovery, and even memory impairment.  Art can be a tool for communication, reflection, reducing anxiety, anger management and a way of dealing with inner emotions.  I am so excited that art is finally being recognized as a genuine therapy and that hospitals, aged care facilities and mental health teams now include qualified art therapists. Art therapists are now viewed as valued members within these teams.


We offer art therapy classes for children which are private classes that are specifically written for the student.  We work with the child and allow the child to explore emotions and feelings through art play, creating and mindfulness.  Tammy is currently adding to her experience and knowledge from the short courses she has completed in this field by undertaking a Diploma in Art Therapy!

Prior to entering into an art therapy program with a child, we offer a free 1 hour assessment.  This allows us to establish a relationship with the student and build a platform of trust.  We very gently explore some basic mediums with no reference to their current situation and emotions, allowing the student to feel comfortable in our studio and with our teachers.  We can then recommend a short-term plan to establish trust and build confidence and rapport.

Art Therapy classes are $66 (inclusive GST) per hour and can be purchased in blocks of 5 sessions.

Autism and Private Tuition



Tammy has received specialist training with Education Queensland on teaching children with Autism.  This included training for identifying and adapting to children with challenging behaviours. More recently teaching hundreds of students in her studio in the last 3 years, she has developed more-in depth skills on teaching kids with ASD, but more than that a passion to have these kids enjoy what all children love – building confidence through creativity!

Our goal is to allow all children to participate in our general classes without segregation if appropriate.  From time to time if sensory or social issues are impediments for a child to participate in a normal class we offer private tuition.

The duration of these classes depend on each situation, and are charged at $55 (inclusive GST) per hour one on one including all supplies. We offer a free trail class for all ASD students before recommending a curriculum plan outline to the relevant care-givers.


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