A bit about Tammy’s Art Studio

A safe and creative space for children to develop their artistic side.

Classes are based on age appropriate motor skills and interests.  A broad range of techniques and applications are covered in each class.  Everything from the elements of design: – line, tone texture, shape and colour to prominent art periods and artists.  We explore a variety of mediums such as acrylics, watercolours and pastels and apply these to canvas, paper mache, rice paper and more.

Students are encouraged to be imaginative and individual, to explore and have fun each and every week.  Kids can advance at their own pace and have the freedom to investigate their own interests throughout the classes.

Tammy’s Art Studio is located on Watland Street at Springwood.

About Tammy

Tammy Quire graduated from the Bayside Community College of Art with a High Distinction in Visual Art & Design. She spent several years working as a screen print artist and freelance photographer.  More recently she has also had experience working for Education Queensland in behaviour management.  Tammy has worked extensively with children on an individual and group basis both developing and delivering specialised programs. She is also currently studying a Diploma in the field of art therapy.

In 2014 Tammy founded Tammy’s Art Studio in order to pass on her years of art and educational experience to the next generation. Now a full-time practising artist Tammy is passionate about building confidence in children through creativity.

About Nicola

Nicola Hooper is a teacher who believes in the importance of art as a form of self expression who endeavors to make her classes informed and fun. She is a practicing artist who holds a Masters in Visual Arts with Class 1 Honours,  and is currently completing her Doctorate in Fine Arts  at Griffith University’s, Queensland College of Art. Her work focuses on drawings and printmaking.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and her work is held in public and private collections.

About Brittany

Brittany Sauta graduated from Pratt Institute in May of 2016. She majored in Art and Design Education and gained a BFA and Masters. Since then she has moved to Brisbane to have new experiences and to teach! As a practising artist Brittany’s passion lies in painting, however she loves all art mediums including sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Brittany believes that art can allow anyone to explore their everyday lives, and that it can help one practice critical thinking and strengthen creative thinking. Brittany currently also works as a high school visual art teacher in the Logan area

About Peta

Peta Thompson is a practicing mixed media artist, designer and art therapist. Currently undertaking a Visual arts degree and embarking on an Art Psychotherapy degree in 2018 to  broaden her  skills to promote expressive art therapies. Having graduated with a diploma in art therapy from Health and Harmony college in 2016, she has gone on to conduct art therapy workshops at Logan Women’s Health and Wellbeing centre in Beenleigh since 2016 (with Krank & live Well Logan). This has now expanded to reaching at risk teens through Education Qld through expressive art therapy workshops in secondary schools in South East Qld. Peta is an experienced mixed media art jornalling teacher in all disciplines and encourages the joy of ‘making art’ as a creative endeavour.

“Learn something new today, it keeps us young.” 

About Holly

Holly is a graduate in Fine Art from Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art. She has taught drawing and painting privately to all ages for many years and is also kept busy with regular commissions.

Holly strongly believes that Visual Art  has many emotive, communicative and educational functions in society. For her creating artwork is therapeutic. She is very confident with a wide range of materials, but especially oils, acrylic, watercolour, gouache and drawing mediums.


Teaching Philosophy

As an art teacher my aim is to teach my students the following:-


Teaching them to have a go and to overcome any fears of unfamiliar materials or processes


Teaching them to think outside the box and to be themselves


Teaching them that the mind has no limits, allowing them to dream


Teaching them to show their feelings and to do it in their own personal style


Teaching them to be proud of their work and to never insult the work of others


Teaching them that mistakes are part of the creative process and can lead to the greatest work


Teaching them to share materials and ideas with the rest of the class


Teaching them to use, re-use and recycle items one would normally throw away


Teaching them that a great work of art takes time and one has to follow a process and to see it through


Teaching them to have respect for the teacher, their classmates, materials and the opinion of others



Tammy's Art Studio

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